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Tantric Love: Feeling versus Emotion
Golden Rules to Make Love Easy

by Diana & Michael Richardson

Preface by Eva-Maria Zurhorst
Authors’ Note

Chapter 1: Love is Not an Emotion

- Ups and downs of love
- Belief that love is out of our hands
- What is love?
- Turn inward to find love
- Emotion goes up and down
- Love is not an emotion 
Chapter 2: Emotions are different to Feelings

- Emotion past and feeling present
- Indicators of emotion
- Easier to recognise emotion of the other
- Experience of feelings
- List of emotions versus feelings
- Feelings only talk about self not other
- Feelings contacted through heart and body
- Love is ever present in the body
- Afraid to love
- Fear is opposite of love
- Start loving!

Chapter 3: Emotion is Toxic

- Awareness of triggers
- Emotions are toxic
- Unconscious leaking of emotion
- Low grade emotionality
- Personal sharing

Chapter 4: Be aware of Emotion

- Individual commitment and awareness
- Awareness as a transformational tool
- Awareness on body level
- Awareness on mind level
- Awareness on emotion level
- Emotion is felt in connective tissue
- Emotions and solar plexus
- Time to mature

Chapter 5: Separating Love from Emotion

- Emotions potentially dangerous, not intrinsically
- Not to know you are emotional is “wrong”
- Unconscious projection of inner pain
- Mind clings to negativity
- Do not take others emotion personally
- Do not tell other they are emotional
- Observer of emotional patterns

Chapter 6: Sources of Emotion

- Childhood repression of feelings
- Physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual violation
- Conventional sex as a source of emotion
- Mind as a source of emotion
- Collective pains and emotions

Chapter 7: Dealing with Emotion - Golden Rules

- Five necessary steps to transforming emotion
- Golden Rule 1. Recognising emotion
- Golden Rule 2. Acknowledging out aloud
- Golden Rule 3. Separating to be alone
- Golden Rule 4. Get physical consciously
- Golden Rule 5. Returning to your Partner
- Aim of the Golden Rules
- Personal sharings

Chapter 8: Scenarios separating Love from Emotion

- The process takes as long as it takes
- Possible situations that may arise between two people
- Scenario One: One person gets emotional:
- Scenario Two: Both partners get emotional
- Scenario Three: One partner gets emotional, the other does not
- Scenario Four: You think your partner is emotional
- Scenario Five: A person (other than partner) gets emotional
- Getting straight to the core of the matter

Chapter 9: Begin to Express Feelings

- Acknowledge by saying “I feel”
- Use words or body
- Express feelings as they rise
- Hard and fast rules about expressing anger
- Source of all anger is sexual frustration
- Express your love, share your love
- Dealing with jealousy
- Meditation to transform jealousy, anger, sadness, hatred, possessiveness
- Person in the present has “hurt” you in the past
- Life free of emotion between couples
- Emotion can be addictive
- Emotion creates past
- Personal sharings

Chapter 10: Sex and Emotions

- Sex rids us of pent up tensions
- Men have learnt not to show their feelings
- Male ejaculation can lead to a negative form of relaxation
- Habitual unconscious ejaculation versus conscious ejaculation
- Woman can absorb male tensions
- True male authority in sex
- Tantric sex reduces level of emotionality
- Undetected emotionality can lead to sexual abuse

Chapter 11: Children and Emotions
- Keep emotion away from children
- Absence of love causes fear
- Children imitate parents emotion
- Emotion passed down the generations
- Children have positive response to less emotion
- Personal sharing

Chapter 12: Communication and Relationship skills
- Intention behind your communication
- Accept your partner as they are
- Listen and speak through heart, not mind
- Express your needs, ask for what you want
- Talk about yourself and not the other person.
- Express what you feel
- Communicate out of present moment
- Leave the past in the past
- Develop a sense of humour
- Do not take anything personally
- One person cannot fulfil all your expectations.
- Never tell your partner that they are emotional
- Separate home life and work life
- Avoid talking continuously about your children
- Use silence as communication
- Avoid going to sleep when you are emotional
- Avoid gossiping about other people
- Use touch to communicate your feelings
- When emotional avoid making love

Chapter 13: Personal Experiences
- Eight authentic sharings after learning difference between emotion and feeling

Appendix : Inspiration in love Osho transcripts presented in full
- What is love?
- Love has to be moved from category of emotions
- Fear is the absence of love&

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