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Tantric Love Letters
On Sex & Affairs of the Heart

by Diana Richardson


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Chapter 1: Positive Resonance & Response

1. The combination of love and spirituality is really fulfilling
2. Shown me a way of light through life
3. I am tantra!
4. Experiencing the intelligence of my penis
5. Changing our approach to sex has changed our lives
6. Our bodies started with tantra by themselves
7. Transformative aspect of this form of lovemaking
8. The heavenly effect of relaxing my vagina
9. The most valuable help in my over 80 years of life
10. Learned and experienced things that saved our love
11. Old pains in the vagina dissolved within two weeks
12. A refinement on all levels
13. Awakening of my breasts and connecting to the earth
14. Sexual healing for my arthritis
15. Sex with no excitement is deeper than any excitement

Chapter 2: Relationship Themes

1. My addiction to hard sex is much stronger than his
2. My partner is not used to giving to a woman
3. My husband has fallen in love with someone else
4. New love and a new chance
5. I want to explore sex more than my husband
6. My girlfriend moved out and will not talk to me
7. We both want something better than we have
8. Can tantric sex help me reconnect with my girlfriend?
9. It is clear for me that I must separate
10. After some time of marriage, sex got unbearable
11. She's the woman I want to love and cherish with all my being
12. My girlfriend is afraid of trying a new way of making love
13. My wife has lost interest in sex since birth of our son
14. I do not feel like being intimate with my husband
15. Our personal discoveries based on your books

Chapter 3: Emotional Aspects

The chapter on emotional aspects deals with a domain where a great lack of clarity and insight exists, and is based on the understanding that there is a fundamental difference between ‘emotions’ and ‘feelings’. Emotions are in fact an accumulation of unexpressed feelings from the past. If and when the level of accumulated emotion is high it easily leads to difficulties in sex and/or problems in relationship, in the present. So in this way what happened in the past, and what is actually happening in the present, get confused. Emotions tend to temporarily obscure the love present between two people, and ‘emotionality’ will display itself in complaining, blaming, arguing and power/ego struggles. Love is then experienced as something with good times and bad times, the proverbial ‘ups and downs’. How to separate authentic feelings from destructive emotions, as well as how to deal with these emotions, is described in detail in the book Tantric Love – Feeling versus Emotion: Golden Rules to Make Love Easy.

1. I have the impression that I am constantly emotional
2. Positive resources lying in past that do not classify as emotions
3. A load of feelings and emotions
4. Becoming aware of my low-grade emotions
5. Noticing negative after-effects of ejaculation
6. Experiencing that my fear is healed by love
7. I get closed because I think my partner doesn't love me
8. I am desperate and I question my whole being as a man
9. Sex is difficult for me because of high expectations and baby wish
10. Experiencing deep sadness and lethargy
11. Feeling more often frustration and boredom
12. I really have no clue how to deal with my blocks
13. These old emotions are somehow 'sitting' on my sexuality
14. Our journey with love and letting go of emotions

Chapter 4: Sexual Subjects

1. No feeling and a loss of energy
2. Dealing with moments of nothingness
3. Valuing my vagina over clitoral stimulation
4. Thinking about intimacy and a lot of anger and disgust comes up
5. Different wishes regarding stimulation and oral sex
6. Helping erection to grow
7. Completely lost my interest in sex
8. Pain in the testicles after not ejaculating
9. G-spot and female ejaculation
10. Techniques to build up energy
11. Balancing negative effects of peak orgasm
12. I have never had an orgasm
13. Pulsating, hot, wonderful breasts, my own power plant
14. I asked my lover to withdraw his penis a fraction
15. Advice for our tantric exploration
16. Combining tantric sex with conventional sex

Chapter 5: Special Issues

1. Healing the physical pains in my vagina
2. How to get pregnant when there is reduced ejaculation?
3. Absence of breasts due to surgery
4. No information on the chakra system
5. Can tantra have a therapeutic influence on massage?
6. Accepting and loving my body
7. I am missing my ecstasy
8. Making rules and concepts out of tantra
9. My fiancée is like a virgin, her vagina is very tight
10. Less erection due to prostate disturbance
11. Sexual satisfaction in spite of prostate tumor
12. Your tantric perspective is different
13. Relaxation and menstrual purification
14. Tantra without a partner
15. Healing the pain and shame of sexual abuse
16. I would like to educate and show others
17. Love is a by-product of a rising consciousness

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