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Tantric Love Letters
On Sex & Affairs of the Heart

by Diana Richardson

Review of "Tantric Love Letters” by Matias Flury: Author of “Spiritual Experiments” 18/04/15

This book is a rich collection of letters the author has received from people around the world in response to her teachings, her workshops and her numerous books about tantric sex. Each of these letters reveals, in its own unique way, the great value inherent in taking a new look at sex, in going beyond our learned, habitual sexual behaviors, and exploring ways to make sex a more conscious and spiritually enriching experience. As the author says in her introduction, “Sex has a higher potential beyond its reproductive or fun and entertainment function. Sex is a door that can lead to a step in human evolution.”

I found these letters to be so inspiring that I immediately got hold of another of the author’s books, “The Heart of Tantric Sex,” so I could explore her teachings more deeply. Just to hear how people’s lives had been transformed on many levels from exploring Diana Richardson’s teachings gave me the impetus to go further and receive the essence of them. There is something profoundly healing about hearing the difficulties all human beings experience with sexuality, to know that we are not alone, and that there is hope for rapid improvement in this vital area of our lives if we are open to considering these teachings. The basic encouragement Diana gives, to move away from traditional ‘goal oriented’ sex, which is focused only on erection and reaching orgasm, towards ‘soft sex’, something much slower and more present in the moment, seems in itself instantly healing. Through these very special teachings, we can learn how to let sex truly become ‘making love.’ As Osho put it, “Tantra is the transformation of sex into love through the awareness.”

Reading these letters, my heart went out to all the men and women who have suffered in one way or another due to our society’s ignorance about the sacred potential of sexuality. And I found gratitude welling up in my heart for Diana Richardson’s work, for she has done so much to shed new light and wisdom on the whole arena of human sexuality.
She has introduced us to a form of tantra that is accessible, deeply compassionate, and beautifully spiritual — spiritual in the most grounded and practical kind way.

This is a wonderful book, and above all, a gateway into the wonderful teachings of Diana Richardson.

Matias Flury, author of "Spiritual Experiments"


Books and Resources
Book References

Richardson, Diana. The Heart of Tantric Sex.O Books, 2002 (First edition published as The Love Keys – The Art of Ecstatic Sex,1999).
Richardson, Diana. Tantric Orgasm for Women. Destiny Books, 2004.
Richardson, Diana & Michael. Tantric Sex for Men – Making Love a Meditation.Destiny Books, 2010.
Richardson, Diana & Michael. Tantric Love – Feeling vs. Emotion: Golden Rules to Make Love Easy. O Books, 2010.
Richardson, Diana. Slow Sex – The Path to Fulfilling and Sustainable Sexuality. Destiny Books, 2011.

Further Reading

Osho. From Sex to Super-Consciousness. New York, St Martin’s Press, 2003. Osho. Tantra: The Supreme Understanding. India, The Rebel Publishing House, 1998.
Osho. The Book of Secrets 1-5. New York, St Martin’s Press, 1998.
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Long, Barry. Making Love: Sexual Love the Divine Way.Barry Long Books, CD.
Long, Barry. Love Brings All to Life. Barry Long Books, CD.
Robinson, Marnia. Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships.North Atlantic Books, 2009.
Rosenberg, Marshall. Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. Puddle Dancer, 2003.

Additional Resources by Diana & Michael Richardson

Richardson, Diana & Michael. MaLua Light Meditation for Women – Innenwelt Verlag, Cologne, 2008. CD (Guided breast meditation with music).
Richardson, Diana with Michael. Time for Touch – Massage, Awareness, Relaxation. – Innenwelt Verlag, Cologne, 2010. DVD. (Instructions for full body massage).
Richardson, Diana. Making Love–What you always should have known about Sex. Innenwelt Verlag, Germany, 2010. DVD Live Public Talk. 

All resources are available from

‘The Making Love Retreat’ with Diana and Michael Richardson

Cover Art Artist Credit:
Anna Amrhein, Kuppenheim, Germany

Author Photo Credit: Shobha, Sicily.





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