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THE MAKING LOVE RETREAT® with Diana Puja & Michael Raja Richardson

Dates 2018
English with German translation

  18 - 25 February* 2018
  01 - 08 March* 2018
  13 - 20 March* 2018
  12 - 19 May* 2018
  24 - 31 May* 2018
  08 - 15 June 2018
  16 - 23 September 2018
27 September - 04 October 2018

*with waiting list (in spite of a waiting list there are often good chances to get a place in the group)

The Language of Touch
Massage and Making Love Retreat with Puja
Only for couples who have attended The Making Love Retreat.

  10 - 17 August 2018

The Making Love Retreat is also offered by our Approved Teachers.
For more information please contact:

Germany Germany Hella Suderow & Christian Schumacher
Australia Australia Janet McGeever & Gene Thompson
France France Ann & Jean-François Descombes
UK England Jayne Blackman & Tim Broughton
Denmark Denmark Majbrit Villadsen & Vishwas Chavan
Italy Italy Spain Spain Isabella Magdala & Prem
Germany Germany Hanna Milling & Bernhard von Glasenapp



Transforming Sex into Love through Awareness

In this weeklong Retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function within a relationship. Most of the unhappiness experienced in love has its source in dissatisfaction with sex. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.

The key lies in a new perception of the genitals, how they interact and how male and female energy is exchanged, in reality. It requires a rediscovery of our ecstatic bodily sensations which exist in any moment we are truly present. Through discussion, sharing and daily step-by-step lectures a unique tantric sexual orientation is presented.

Each day specific meditation times are devoted to exploring the suggested 'love keys' in privacy. This essential aspect enables a couple to discover this new language through direct experience. This is not a special technique or a ritual. Simply by introducing awareness, relaxing into being and feeling, a style of sexual rapport emerges which creates love and harmony between man and woman. There is an immediate shift away from the personality, emotions and problems of the past, and through sex deep healing and joy becomes possible. The retreat is a profound experience, described by participants as a 'coming home, a 'spiritual honeymoon', a reawakening of love. Couples feel the impact whether they are together for three years or thirty years.

Using guidance of Tantric Masters Osho & Barry Long , and with many years of personal exploration, Puja and Raja teach couples how to enter into the experience of Tantra, and open the doorway to transforming sex into an empowering loving unifying force.



In over thirty years of personal growth workshops I have never experienced anything so profound, so all encompassing, so love oriented, so deeply spiritual.
G.T. (man, 67 years)

The wonderful thing about this course is that it de-mystifies sex and places it in the realm of the ordinary. It is a shift from sexual excitement to sexual intimacy. We now have hope in continuing our relationship.
M.M. (man, 45)

I came here to deepen my love for my wife, but I discovered my love for myself, and that has given me everything.
R.J. (man, 43)

Your kind of Tantra (we heard from others about their experiences with other forms of Tantra) not only solved the problem of our sexuality. It is changing our relationship, it deepens the love between G. and me. Before the retreat sex was such a big and problematic thing (for both of us), and now we can hardly believe how easy it is now for us. It is strange, that in a time of growing violence and hatred and terror in the world we experience such a growing love between us. Sometimes I am not sure, if I feel more fear or more confidence about the future. And sometimes I think, maybe this love is our little contribution for a better tomorrow. Who knows?
J.C. (man, 44)

It has been a little bit more than two months now that we returned from this very special, wonderful week in Luetzelflueh. This week has changed our lives. When we went back home we knew that the way you showed us how to make love is what we had always been longing for.
D says: "I feel like having found back home. When you were talking about Tantra, deep inside I knew it was the truth and I felt understood. Your words brought this knowledge from unconciousness to conciousness." D.B. (woman, 27)
R: "It was the first time that I was absolutely convinced about something. Everything in me said yes to what you told us and I knew that this would change my life." R.S. (man, 27)

These were the 7 most important days of my life!
R.L. ( man, 54)

It is really strange that such a simple approach as you teach should be so hard to discover. We were on our way in that direction, but we would have needed years and years to discover on our own what we now experienced in one single week. I wish you (and me too, in a lesser degree) much success in setting things right in the world again. I do think that your work really is very important for the world, and incredibly simple, which proves its truth and ensures that it spreads.
J.T. ( man, 41)

Three weeks have passed since your workshop and it is wonderful to experience that in a way we are still there. We have been making love daily ever since, except for yesterday when we just did not find the time. It is just so great!Thank you again for your wonderful teaching. We think of you often and try out all the things you taught us. Most important its to re-become human beings instead of human doings. It is so exciting to see that it works and what happens if we just stick to relaxing. Also I am amazed and thrilled to experience how fast we are learning! I am really happy to tell you that your suggestions work fine with us, and that your work is not only very loving and professional but also very practical.
C.L. (woman, 54)

Just a short note. After a long, loving lovemaking yesterday night I realized how much the feeling in the past of not being love and fulfilled as a woman caused this constant longing for something like excitement, entertainment, "intense moments" etc. And now, by getting the real thing, I am willing to let go of all these substitutes! What a release! Thank you, thank you a thousand times for teaching us how to love.
C.M. (woman, 51)

Thank you so much for the meaningful inspiration and your clarity, which has made tantra so practical, understandable, and down to earth for me.
N.K. (man, 33)

One effect of the course is that we can communicate much more clearly now than before. During the week, I was astounded to discover how many things had been going unsaid during love making, subtle things like actually asking the other what she likes instead of assuming things, and really saying clearly what I like or dislike instead of trying to (inefficiently) use body language or other sounds to hint at it ... but not hint too clearly, out of "politeness", also known as fear. So we have dropped some of the "politeness" and become clearer in our communication.
J.T. (man, 41)

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