A profound experience, a coming home, a spiritual honeymoon, a reawakening of love.
A week that can change your life!

Books in Czech

Tantrický orgasmus pro ženy, Diana Richardson

Tantrický orgasmus pro ženy

Diana Richardson

Synergie Publishing . 2017 . paperback . 255 pages
ISBN 978-80-7370-439-1

English edition: Tantric Orgasm for Women
German edition: Zeit für Weiblichkeit
Spanish edition: Orgasmo Tantrico para Mujeres
French edition: Slow sex pour les femmes

Vědomé milování, Diana Richardson

Vědomé milování

Diana Richardson

Synergie Publishing . 2014 . paperback . 225 pages
ISBN 978-80-7370-439-1

English edition: Slow Sex
German edition: Slow Sex
French edition: Slow Sex
Korean edition: Slow Sex (in Korean script)

Tantrický Sex a Menopauza, Diana Richardson

Tanrtrický Sex a Menopauza

Diana Richardson & Janet McGeever

Synergie Publishing . 2019 . paperback . 238 pages
ISBN 978-80-7370-536-7

English edition: Tantric Sex & Menopause
German edition: Wechseljahre. Mit Achtsamkeit sexuell & spirituell neustarten
Spanish edition: Sexo Tántrico y Menopausia (2020)