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Slow Sex, Diana Richardson


New style of loving - How sex makes you happy
a film by Diana Richardson

DVD . 80min . german / english
ISBN 978-3-942502-14-6

Sex without stress.
The film "Slow Sex" encourages slowing down and relaxing in bed.

Now available in English
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Making Love, Diana Richardson


Everything you should have known about sex
by Diana Richardson

DVD . 68min . English with parallel German translation
ISBN 978-3942-502047

Public talk in Berne, Switzerland.

Time for touch, Diana Richardson


Massage Awareness Relaxation
by Diana Richardson

DVD . 90min . german / english
ISBN 978-3-936360-42-4

Time for touch, Diana Richardson

CD – MaLua

MaLua Breast meditation for women to find Balance and healing through Tantra
by Diana & Michael Richardson

CD . 30min . with German track & English track
ISBN 978-3-936360-4

"The MaluA Breast Meditation has been my favourite companion for many years. I even take it with me on business trips. It is a wonderful support to reconnect with one's own female qualities. If I do meditation regularly, I clearly feel a change in my awareness of my body and the sensitivity of my breasts returns. Applied regularly, I feel love, light and grace returning to my life. With regard to the male counterpart, I have found that I am more anchored in being a woman - more serene and loving. Diana's gentle voice and Michael's wonderful singing manage each time anew to create a sensual celebration of my femininity that silently runs through my everyday life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift!" V. L., Dez. 2018