Diana RichardsonWOMEN'S GROUP

"Time for Femininity"

A five day tantric purification process
with Diana Puja Richardson

«Time for Femininity» is a process designed to reconnect women with their intrinsic feminine and receptive qualities.

"If you can go on finding new ways every day, your life will remain a thrill, and adventure ... You will never be bored."

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Dates 2021

29 April 2021 — 04 May 2021

05 September 2021 — 10 September 2021

Through awareness and relaxation the harmonious flow of bio-electrical energy is restored to the body which increases vitality and well-being.

In addition to bodywork, there will be discussions about Tantra, the role of feminine energy in the male-female sexual exchage, and how the difference between men and women represents the creative potential between us. Ignoring our differences has many negative consequences for the women's health and happiness, and therefore for partnerships, and the society general.

Sexual exchange can be a natural passage for love when the feminine element is honoured, where there is a relaxation and opening inward first, before opening to another person. The longing to live 'in love' can be a reality when we embrace our inner qualities and create the unique feminine vibration of tenderness and grace, of love and light.

Puja's approach is an invitation to relax into the inner- world, to use the body as a bridge to the being, and to discover the source of love within. Puja works with around fifty women at one time. Through each individual turning their awareness inward a powerful energy field is created which gives rise to deep healing of the feminine.

Participants will be requested to maintain silence at certain times during the retreat.