A profound experience, a coming home, a spiritual honeymoon, a reawakening of love.
A week that can change your life!

Diana Puja and Michael Raja Richardson

with Diana Puja & Michael Raja Richardson


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New style of loving - How sex makes you happy

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Tantric Sex for Lovers (3 books)

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Diana Richardson on The Power of Mindful Sex

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Booking and Information

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Venue for the Retreats

Our Making Love Retreats will take place at Seminarhotel Chlotisberg
Chlotisberg 2, 6284 Gelfingen (LU, Schweiz) Switzerland

Couple Retreat Dates 2023

24 April 2023 — 30 April 2023

26 May 2023 — 01 June 2023

05 June 2023 — 11 June 2023

18 September 2023 — 24 September 2023

02 October 2023 — 08 October 2023

All retreats have a waiting list or are booked out (waiting list is closed). It happens from time to time that waiting lists for individual dates are reopened. –> Current status

Bedroom Options/Price Categories (subject to availability)

Couple Retreat Dates 2024

24 April 2024 — 30 April 2024

14 May 2024 — 20 May 2024

29 May 2024 — 04 June 2024

11 September 2024 — 17 September 2024

24 September 2024 — 30 September 2024

Registration start date is October 4, 2023, 08.00 (release of registration forms on www.waldhaus.ch)


The Making Love Retreat

Transforming Sex into Love through Awareness

In this weeklong Retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function within a relationship. Most of the unhappiness experienced in love has its source in dissatisfaction with sex. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.

The key lies in a new perception of the genitals, how they interact and how male and female energy is exchanged, in reality. It requires a rediscovery of our ecstatic bodily sensations which exist in any moment we are truly present. Through discussion, sharing and daily step-by-step lectures a unique tantric sexual orientation is presented.

Each day specific meditation times are devoted to exploring the suggested 'love keys' in privacy. This essential aspect enables a couple to discover this new language through direct experience.

Using guidance of Tantric Masters Osho & Barry Long , and with many years of personal exploration, Puja and Raja teach couples how to enter into the experience of Tantra, and open the doorway to transforming sex into an empowering loving unifying force.

Participants are assured that there is no partner swapping, nudity or sex in the group room. All practice takes place between each couple in the privacy of their own bedroom. Diana and Michael teach from personal experience, and for this reason the retreat is designed exclusively for the male-female/heterosexual exchange.